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CAD E-Services provides services and software for civil works like Road, Canal, Railway, etc. Services include Topographical Survey, Plan, L Section, X Section and Quantity Estimate. We design and develop software for civil engineers. Our flagship software is LXQ-CAD which is a tool to generate L Section, X Section drawings commonly used in civil structures. It also estimates the quantity as per the proposed structure. It has extensive application in Roads, Canals, Drains, Railway lines, etc.

A simple X Section generated using LXQ-CAD with the following data:

  • Input levels entered manually or coming from a raw data source like Total Station machine.
  • Typical Section design parameters (entered only once for a typical section).
  • Design values for the theoretical section to be plotted over existing section.

Flexible Input

Ground levels can be taken from auto-level field book or Total Station data format (Northing, Easting, Level).

Different Structures

You can easily specify custom Design Parameters to generate drawings for any structure as seen in the video

Variable Intervals

Take Sections at any interval – fixed or variable. Supports virtually unlimited sections

Customized Output

Sections can be paginated as per user preference.

Export Output

Export drawiings to CAD DWG format and Earth Cut and Fill Quantity to EXCEL format.


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Software for generating Longitudinal Section and Cross Section is available as a desktop application for windows. You can purchase it or even try the product for a limited period by clicking on the link below.

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